Tending le Castle provides private chef and private cookie services in the Denver Colorado region.

The importance of a private chef or cook.

Did you know that:

  • One of the top reasons to hire a Personal Chef is for the convenience they offer when it comes to meal planning. Chefs eliminate the hassle of having to plan and prepare quick healthy meals like breakfast, lunch and dinner and it’s invaluable for today’s busy life styles.
  • Personal Chefs create highly customized meal planning options that are dialed into your specific needs and schedules. They will take care of everything from learning about your food preferences to customizing each dish to meet everyone’s taste.
  • We can all get into a boring pattern of serving the same chicken or meatloaf dish over and over. Let’s face it. It gets old! When you hire a Personal Chef, they can introduce new cuisines that you may have never tried before.
  • Plus, there’s no clean up. This is how many of our clients cost-justify hiring a Personal Chef Service because it saves time and saves money.